How to Unpack Or Keygenning Armadillo V9.20

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How to Unpack Or Keygenning Armadillo V9.20

Post Number:#1  Postby IndoCheers » 29 May 2017 20:20

Hello All special to GIV.

I have one software that is protected with Armadillo v9.20
The types of protection that bind the program include :

Protection Options:
>Debug-Blocker + CopyMem2
>Enable Memory-Patching Protections

Backup Key Options:
>Variable Backup Keys

Compression Options:
>Best/Slowest Compression

Other Options:
>Disable Monitoring Thread
>Auto-Revert On Invalid Key
>Standard Fingerprint in RegDlg

SoftICE Detection:
>Enhanced SoftICE Protection

Splash Screen:
>No Splash Screen

Version Number:

Raw Values:
>1F83A85E (Raw Options)
>0002E0B4 (Extra Options)

I have tried Scanning Certificate for 15 days nonstop by using Armadillo Key Tool.
Why should I scanning for that long? Because Graphic Card my computer does not support to use Brut force method.
Results from scanning I do, I get a lot of Sym key, Y Key, and Private key.
One by one Serial key I tried but none of which correspond to HWID computer that I use.
Is there someone who can help me with this problem...???
Unpack method I really need if there is no solution to get the Serial key by using Armadillo Key Tool.

Thank you.
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Re: How to Unpack Or Keygenning Armadillo V9.20

Post Number:#2  Postby giv » 30 May 2017 10:54

For versions newer than 7.xx the bruteforce can take longer because of that 1000x loop.
If the key is not SV3L10 and if you get a valid SYM you can generate a key for any HWID (of course is the info on "other" field is not used).
Of if you have a valid trial key you can easy extract the SYM.
If there are many SYM it mean that multiple certificates are used.
On my Nvidia 650Ti video card a bruteforce can take up to 2 hours on a certificate (i guess that on newer video cards much more less) but on non assisted bruteforce, by CPU only, a certificate can be bruteforced up to 5 days. So a GPU assisted bruteforce is highly recommended.
Just PM me the file to try to give you a hand.
Best regards!
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