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The best of Linux

22 Mar 2013 20:12

If you are one of that thinks that Linux isn't good you're wrong. In this post i'm going to show you a lot of things better that Windows.
This is the most important thing in Linux. There isn1't any king of virus, spyware, trojan or anything else. It's free of this things. You can navigate on the internet with the security of Linux. You can download any app without the risk of a virus. On Windows you have to install an antivirus and in everyone pages one of the most popular antivirus are on the most downloaded apps. An the antivirus is a big app. It spends a lot of your RAM. On Linux it's not this.
2º Free apps!
In the world of Linux everything it's free (on the Software Center). Thanks to Canonical (on Ubuntu) you can download any app for free (except on the latest version 12.01 and on the mobile versions). Ubuntu isn't a free operating system. On the version 10.04 all apps were free but now some apps are shareware. So we have to keygen some apps on Ubuntu :P.
3º Open Source
This is one important thing in Linux. Every distribution of Linux is free! This is better than Windows. On Windows 8 you have to pay a lot of money for it. Also Windows doesn't give their codes. On Linux the codes are free for you. You can edit everything and make your own distribution.

What do you think now? I installed Ubuntu with Windows (because I want to have Windows also :D).

Re: The best of Linux

01 Dec 2013 22:32

yes i <3 linux because of that :)

Re: The best of Linux

01 Dec 2013 23:42

Well post then some reversing tutorials for crackmes on Linux.

The best of Linux

12 Dec 2014 05:20

hi i have gone blind a while back can anyone tell me wich linux works best

i am trying tu get back on line
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