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X86 Assembly/X86 Architecture

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The x86 architecture has 8 General-Purpose Registers (GPR), 6 Segment Registers, 1 Flags Register and an Instruction Pointer. 64-bit x86 has additional registers.

The 8 GPRs are:

Accumulator register (AX). Used in arithmetic operations.
Counter register (CX). Used in shift/rotate instructions and loops.
Data register (DX). Used in arithmetic operations and I/O operations.
Base register (BX). Used as a pointer to data (located in segment register DS, when in segmented mode).
Stack Pointer register (SP). Pointer to the top of the stack.
Stack Base Pointer register (BP). Used to point to the base of the stack.
Source Index register (SI). Used as a pointer to a source in stream operations.
Destination Index register (DI). Used as a pointer to a destination in stream operations.
The order in which they are listed here is for a reason: it is the same order that is used in a push-to-stack operation, which will be covered later.

All registers can be accessed in 16-bit and 32-bit modes. In 16-bit mode, the register is identified by its two-letter abbreviation from the list above. In 32-bit mode, this two-letter abbreviation is prefixed with an 'E' (extended). For example, 'EAX' is the accumulator register as a 32-bit value.

Similarly, in the 64-bit version, the 'E' is replaced with an 'R', so the 64-bit version of 'EAX' is called 'RAX'.

It is also possible to address the first four registers (AX, CX, DX and BX) in their size of 16-bit as two 8-bit halves. The least significant byte (LSB), or low half, is identified by replacing the 'X' with an 'L'. The most significant byte (MSB), or high half, uses an 'H' instead. For example, CL is the LSB of the counter register, whereas CH is its MSB.

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