DotNet Patcher v4.0.0.4

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DotNet Patcher v4.0.0.4

Post Number:#1  Postby rukov » 28 Dec 2014 02:22


--> Showing selected file informations (Assembly name, target CPU, Version)
--> Detect and showing the result if the binary file was obfuscated or packed. Supported list :
- Rpx (Packer)
- ILProtector (Packer)
- NetZ .NET (Packer)
- NetPack (Packer)
- Mpress .NET (Packer)
- DotNetPatcher (Packer/Obfuscator)
- CodeFort Obfuscator (Obfuscator)
- Manco.NET Obfuscator (Obfuscator)
- Skater .NET Obfuscator (Obfuscator)
- EazObfuscator (Obfuscator)
- Spices.Net (Obfuscator)
- Goliath.NET (Obfuscator)
- Dotfuscator (Obfuscator)
- Crypto Obfuscator (Obfuscator)
- Code Veil (Obfuscator)
- Agile.NET (Obfuscator)
- Babel Obfuscator (Obfuscator)
- SmartAssembly (Obfuscator)
- Macrobject (Obfuscator)

--> Modify the File "VersionInfos" Informations
--> Requested level execution Detection/Changer (asInvoker, requireAdministrator, highestAvailable)
--> Dependencies Detection/Merging
--> Obfuscator/Packer (Types, Methods, Properties, Fields, Events, strings encryption, integers & booleans encoding, Anti Debug/Tamper/Dumper/IlDasm, public calls hidding)
--> Resources compression & encryption
--> Resources content renaming
--> Icon changer

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