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AlocLog will log VirtualAlloc, GlobalAlloc, LocalAlloc and RtlAllocateHeap
and write information about these Api: parameters and returned allocated address.
On Dumping dialog both checkbox "Allocate memory" and "Redirect Allocated"
must be checked for Redirecting allocated memory; rest of options from Dumping dialog are optional.

Easy start to use guide Mark Api checkboxes: VirtualAlloc, GlobalAlloc, LocalAlloc and/or RtlAllocateHeap
the Apis you wanna log, select process (exe file name), click on Start button and watch for Api alocation log result.
"Dumping" (redirect returned address) is by default disabled so first thing to do is click "Dumping...." from main menu, there two check-boxes are not optional: "Allocate memory" and "Redirect Allocated".

New on Beta 5 release:
- Ability to Attach to a running process: main dialog Attach button
- Now logs info like process id and thread id values
- On Dumping dialog: Added "Always redirect these return address containing string" to always redirect the returned memory allocated if return address contains strings
- On Dumping dialog: Added "Alloc memory in process" to allocate memory on process right before last section end: so this may fail since that memory may be occupied by other craps: - So "Break on start" and then attaching to process using Olly is still the way to go!
- On Dumping dialog: Added "Memory destination" to manually specify the destination of re-directions
- Now also checks if re-directions overflows
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